Northeast Regional Operational Workshop Presentations

Albany, New York

Tuesday, November 4, 2003


Session A. Severe Convection / Warm Season

Father's Day 2002 Severe Weather Outbreak Across New York and Western  New England (Tom Wasula)

A Study of Cool Season Tornadoes in the Southeast United States(Alicia C. Wasula)

Using WSR-88D Reflectivity for the Predication of Cloud-to-Groun (Douglas Schneider)

The Eastern New York and Western New England F2 Tornado of 21 July2003 (Kenneth D. LaPenta)

The Rapid Evolution of Convection Approaching New York City( Michael Charles)


Session B. Winter Weather / Cool Season

AWIPS Procedures that Combine Science and Visualization to Evaluate the Mesoscale and Microphysical Potential for Significant Winter Weather Josh Korotky

Fog - Some New Techniques to Better Predict this Aviation Menace(Hugh W. Johnson IV)

Snowin to Beat the Band: Using Satellite Imagery and Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) Output to Diagnose the Rapid Development of a Mesoscale Snowband (David R. Vallee)

An Analysis of a Poorly Forecast Frontogenetically - Forced Early Spring Snowstorm (Michael S. Evans)

Lessons Learned and Best Practices - Converting from MDL matrices to GFE Formatters( David A. Zaff)

The Unusually Intense Coastal Front Passage of 17-18 April 2002 in Eastern New England (Lance F. Bosart) [No slide show available]

Session C. Modeling

The Collaborative Effort Between Stony Brook University and the National Weather Service Part 1 - Previous Results, Current Status, and Future Plans (Brian A. Colle)

Institute for Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheres, Stony Brook University, State University of New York, Stony Brook, New York Part 2 - Development of a Real-Time Ensemble Forecast System (Matthew Jones)

Part 3- Integration of Mesoscale Models into Operational Weather Forecasting (Jeffrey S. Tongue)


Reliability Trends of the Global Forecast System Model Output Statistical Guidance in the Northeastern US: A Statistical Analysis with Operational Forecasting Applications (John Goff)

Implementation of Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction for Weather-sensitive Business Operations (Lloyd A. Treinish and Anthony P. Praino)

Session D. CSTAR Projects


Large-Scale Regime Transition and Its Relationship to Significant Cool Season Precipitation Events in the Northeast( Heather Archambault)

The Distribution of Precipitation over the Northeast Accompanying Landfalling and Transitioning Tropical Cyclones (David P. DeLuca)

Cold Season 500 hPa Cutoff Cyclone Precipitation Distribution and a Case Study (Anthony Fracasso)

Global Climatology of Closed 1000-500 hPa Thickness Highs and Lows (Thomas J. Galarneau, Jr.)

A Study of Landfalling Tropical Storms (Alan F. Srock)

Case Studies of Warm Season Cutoff Cyclone Precipitation Distribution (Jessica S. Najuch)

Assessing the Impact of Collaborative Research Projects on NWS Warning Performance (Jeff S. Waldstreicher)