Northeast Regional Operational Workshop Fall 2002 Presentations

                          November 5-6, 2002

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A Hail Event Case Study of a Warm Season Closed Low in the Northeast
A Multi-scale Examination of the 31 May 1998 Tornado
MC2 Domain 1 12-h Precipitation Accumulation (mm)
A Wind-Wave Climatology
An Analysis of an Unexpected 12 Inch Snowstorm
Annular Modes, Blocks and the Solar Influence
Anticipating Mesoscale Band Formation
Application of Numerical Model
Characteristics of Recent Northern New England Tornadoes
Characteristics of Cool Season Cutoff Lows in the Northeastern United States
Climatology of Warm Season 500 hPa Cutoff Cyclones 
Heavy Rainfall Associated with Land Falling Tropical Cyclones in the Northeast
Cutoff cyclones
GIS Applications in Meteorology
Heavy Rainfall Associated with Land Falling Tropical Cyclone
High Resolution Simulations of Floyd
Precipitation Associated with 500 hPa Closed Cyclones
Real Time High-Resolution NWP
A Compare and Contrast Study of Two Banded Snow Storms
Visually Enhanced Composite Charts for Severe Weather Forecast
Winter Weather Experiment (WWE)
Characteristics of Upslope Snowfall Events in New York and Northern Vermont
A Case Study of Heavy Precipitation Occurring in a Continental Environment