CSTAR Technology Transfer

Cuttoff Low/Closed Low Check Lists

Based off of CSTAR I Closed Low Research

I. Mid-level lapse rate (850 mb - 500mb)

Note: Lapse rates can be used at other levels too(i.e. 1000 mb or SFC - 700 mb)

II. Amount of surface based convective available potential energey (SBCAPE)

1000 - 1500 J/kg

III. Wet bulb Zero (WBZ) Level

1000 - 2999 Feet
3000 - 4999 Feet
5000 - 6999 Feet
7000 - 9000 Feet

IV. Jet Positions Jet Postitions

Entrance Regions

Exit Regions


Jet streaks matter (i.e. 500 mb {mid-level jetstreak}, 250 or 300 mb {upper-level jet streak}, etc.). Located on the cyclonic exit region (or left front quadrant) or the anticyclonic entrance region (right rear quadrant).

V. Cyclonic Vorticity Advection

Is there cyclonic vorticity advection (500 mb) or differential cyclonic vorticity advection?

This is important for synoptic forcing to aid in the convective development